Construction Services

Arborworks offers a complete heavy equipment construction service.  We provide land clearing, grubbing and levelling, culvert installation, replacement and driveway/road construction, septic system installation, aggregate haulage and levelling, foundation excavation and more.  Our experienced operators provide quality service with:

  • Excavators,
  • Loaders,
  •  Tri-axle, tandem and single axle dump trucks,
  • Hydraulic overhead crane truck,
  • Other earth moving and aggregate equipment.

We proudly serve our existing and new clients with;

  • Land clearing, stumping, grubbing and excavation services,
  •  Demolition and debris removal services,
  • Snow plowing and removal and sanding services

Right of Way / Land Clearing

ArborWorks Tree Service will provide quality tree removal for land clearing projects including right-of-way establishment and maintenance, new home construction, commercial building construction, line clearing, and road or driveway construction.

Logging operations for stand thinning, harvesting and other projects are offered as well.


Roadside Brushing and Mowing

We have the equipment and expertise to efficiently and safely remove selected trees and shrubs and offer mowing services to improve road width, assist in ditching restoration projects and the identification and removal trees posing hazards to the streets and roadways.

Removing trees, brush and grass encroaching on highways, rural roads, city streets or private driveways improves site lines for motorists, reduces the chance of motor vehicle collisions with wild animals and improves highway safety. Roadside work performed by our employees is practiced in accordance to the regulations set out under the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario, where safety is always primary objective.


Under Brush Management

ArborWorks Tree Service offers two methods of Vegetative Management:

Mechanical Mulching is the mechanical removal of undesirable vegetation under utility lines, along roadways, and anywhere regeneration of cut wood material is undesirable. Mechanical mulching is designed to pulverize the wood and brush into a mulched material that may decompose on the forest floor or be removed from the site easily by excavation during grubbing. The mulching technique efficiently removes not only the exposed parts of the plant, but includes the removal of the stump portion effectively reducing or eliminating the plants potential to regenerate. Following a mulching operation an integrated management plan may include seeding the area with desirable, low growing grasses and forbes to reduce further woody plant regeneration.

Mechanical mulching can be used in commercial, municipal or residential projects.


Site Line Improvement

ArborWorks will work in partnership with municipal, commercial and residential clients with tree removal, brush removal or other pruning that is needed in maintaining required site lines.

Site line improvement projects have been performed along:

  • Controlled highway intersections, to assist in the safety of vehicle traffic
  • College and university paths, to remove brush and low growing trees encroaching on walkways to increase student and pedestrian safety
  • Commercial billboards and business displays, for increased visibility
  • Residential driveways, to increase visibility when pulling onto streets and roadways
  • Street lights, to improve night visibility by removing limbs to improve clearance
  • Satellite and cellular towers, to improve connection to residential and commercial internet

Brush Chipping

We maintain a small fleet of large industrial equipment to ensure professional, proficient disposal of limb wood and debris, along with smaller portable machines to service residential and island clients.

Brush chippers are the most effective way to process, transport and dispose of unwanted wood material. Our chippers have the capacity to process 18 inch diameter logs.


Stump Grinding / Removal

Stump grinding is the mechanical method of specialized equipment that allows stumps to be removed from the landscape, driveway or side of roadway while leaving minimal to no lawn damage.

ArborWorks Tree Service maintains several specialized stump grinders to ensure access to the stump and the removal of it will be as efficient as possible. Our equipment does not require heavy vehicles or trucks to be driven on your park, lawn or landscaped area.

Following the removal of the tree stump we will provide soil and seed or sod to replace the ground area, leaving a visibly pleasing, usable area.